What We Know About The iPad Pro What We Know About The iPad Pro

Here’s What We Know About The iPad Pro 2022 Thus Far

Here’s What We Know About The iPad Pro 2022 Thus Far

In 2022, Apple plans to debut a new iPad Pro generation. The business is reported to debut an even better iPad Pro this year with the forthcoming M2 chip, a year after the model with the M1 chip, miniLED display, and 5G capability was initially released.

What We Know About The iPad Pro:

Design and Display

What We Know About The iPad Pro 2022 Thus Far

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What We Know About The iPad Pro:

Info from the Sources

In June 2021, rumors of a new design for the iPad Pro 2022 began to circulate. This iPad, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, may include a glass back to allow wireless charging, most likely via MagSafe. The journalist then confirmed his prior findings in December.

Wireless charging uses a magnetic pad to replace the traditional power cord, making it easier for consumers to charge their devices. It’s become a standard feature on smartphones, but it’s still uncommon on tablets. In 2017, Apple introduced wireless charging to iPhones, which was improved last year with a magnet-based MagSafe technology that assured faster charging speeds.

For the iPad Pro, the firm is exploring a similar MagSafe mechanism. Wireless charging is anticipated to be slower than connecting a charger directly into the iPad’s Thunderbolt connector, which will be retained in future iterations.

Apple’s plans to update the iPad Pro with MagSafe had encountered a block. While the business was testing a complete glass back on the iPad Pro 2022, it became a disadvantage since it would make the device more vulnerable to harm.

What We Know About The iPad Pro 2022 Thus Far

Apple has created iPad Pro prototypes with a bigger Apple logo (akin to the one on the upcoming MacBook Pro) that is made of glass. As a consequence, the glass logo would be used to convey electricity. The prototype also has stronger magnets to avoid accidents, as well as quick charging speeds than MagSafe for iPhone.

Apple is expected to keep two alternative display sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch. Despite rumors that the 11-inch iPad might use a miniLED display instead of an LCD panel, analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo believe Apple would stick with LCD technology for the smaller iPad owing to high production costs.

What We Know About The iPad Pro:

Processor and storage

Following Apple’s surprising inclusion of the M1 chip in the iPad Pro, an updated version of this CPU is anticipated to be included in the future 2022 iPad Pro. Naturally, the M2 processor would be used in this iPad, which is expected to be unveiled with a revamped MacBook Air. This next iPad will have this new chip, according to 9to5Mac. It should outperform the M1, but it will fall short of the M1 Pro, Max, and Ultra chips.

What We Know About The iPad Pro

Apple is expected to keep the same storage options, as there are no speculations of more than 2TB of storage, which means:

  1. 128GB;
  2. 256GB;
  3. 512GB;
  4. 1TB;
  5. 2TB.

Just Because Apple has been moving away from 64GB iPhone models and all new Macs start at 256GB, it would make sense if the 2022 iPad Pro came with 256GB of storage rather than 128GB.

What We Know About The iPad Pro:

Battery, Connectivity, and New Additions

Sources confirm that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with a bigger battery, according to sources, since some customers complain that the Magic Keyboard causes significant battery drain. Not only that but as previously mentioned in this roundup, Apple is expected to release a MagSafe charger for the 2022 iPad Pro that is quicker than the one available for the iPhone.

What We Know About The iPad Pro

Although no details on the 5G capabilities of the 2022 iPad Pro have surfaced, Apple may add more bands to the future model. There are also no speculations about new accessories, although given that Apple plans to incorporate a MagSafe connector for charging the iPad Pro, the Smart Folio and Magic Keyboard may be updated.

What We Know About The iPad Pro:

Launch Date and Cost?

In the second part of this year, iPad Pro 2022 might be released. In his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman predicted that Apple will release the new iPad Pro between September and November.

Due to the adoption of the miniLED display, the price of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2021 has increased by $100. Apple is unlikely to adjust the pricing of the Pro iPads, according to 9to5Mac, because the 11-inch model will not have miniLED.

  1. 128GB: Rs.62,283 (This to below rate is converted to current price)
  2. 256GB: Rs.70,000
  3. 512GB: Rs.86,000
  4. 1TB: Rs.1,16,849
  5. 2TB: Rs.1,50,000

iPad Pro 12.9-inch with Wi-Fi

  1. 128GB: Rs.85,700
  2. 256GB: Rs.93,463
  3. 512GB: Rs.1,10,000
  4. 1TB: Rs.1,40,234
  5. 2TB: Rs.1,71,415