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I Tried RealmeUI 3.0 on my Xiaomi Mi11X and It’s something new!

realmeui 3.0

I Tried RealmeUI 3.0 on my Xiaomi Mi11X and It’s something new!

realmeui 3.0

I Tried RealmeUI 3.0 on my Xiaomi Mi11X and It’s something new!


Port is Super Stable Don’t Ruin It By Flashing 69 Modules!

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Pure OEM Port Not a Gaysi/Sgaysi


Flash Fw

Flash Rom

Wipe Format data if Encrypted

Wipe Data Meta data cache If Decrypted

Switch To Slot A If Coming From Meme UI or Clown (FVP’s)

Reboot System

Give Sometime for The Rom to Settle


Don’t Pm Dev.Report Bugs on Support Group.

Don’t Mirror The Download links

Storage Must Be Decrypted.

Must Read Full Post Before Asking Anything.


Updated Port Base From Realme GT Neo 3T A.01_11_A12

Fixed Rendering Lags // Should Be Able To Run Emulation Games smoothly Now

Updated Game Space

Fixed Pin/pass

Nothing Added pure Stock Realme UI

Fixed Refresh Rate

Switched to my installer I mean Rapid Flasher (3.0b) Flashes in less Than 30secs

Added Unlimited google Photos storage

Play store certified By default

Safetynet passes with and without Root

Fixed Lags In UI

Fixed CamHal3 (Credits To Danish Raza)

Fixed system Vibrations And Switched To Linear Vibration (Credits To Danda)

Advanced thermal control Literally Chilled thermals but with extreme Performance

Fixed Random Reboots

Fixed Transition Lags

Fixed DeepSleep

Fixed Idle Drain

Added Gms And Playstore But dozed For Massive Battery saving

Fixed Screen Flickering

Updated Dolby Hals

Anx Cam Supported Now (Refer To support Group)

Heavily Debloated Hardly 15 System Apps

Fixed Ringtones And media audio

Added 4 way Audio Panel

Added BlackHole Music

Fixed Game Space

Added tons of Custom Walls

Fixed RIL

Fixed Max Brightness

Alot Dude If u Like my work Then Do consider Donating

  • Applock, Face unlock,  SecureFolder
Credits:- [IamRISHI]

Danda For Most Of The Fixes And Help❤

Danish Raza for CamHal3 Fix

Retardpro #BootloopGang no need to specify reason for my bha ❤

Ninex For Tweaks

sid Bha For Guiding with OOS related Tips

Devil For The Help (Lmao This bish Helps In Literally Every project)

And Team Csx

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