project 404 project 404

Project 404 – Pure CAF Experience | Another good Custom ROM?

Project 404 – Pure CAF Experience | Another good Custom ROM?

project 404

Project 404 – Pure CAF Experience | Another good Custom ROM?

New Features!

– We tried sprucing up the settings. Just like our Android 11 take, we added a circle as an element to toss some spice in the bag. The stock layout felt a bit boring. A literal spinoff, kek.
– It’s raining volume panel redesigns, and here’s our best take on it. Ergonomic, reachable, and functional, isn’t this what we all wanted from Google?

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They’ll ring a bell

– For the lazy lads, face unlock implementation is here! And now it covers a broader spectrum of authentication prompts. Oh, and quickly unlock helps you breeze through those pesky tap buttons. Love that!
– Just a glance is enough. Edge lighting from older versions is back! Be it a couch or a table, the soothing-colored waves should be enough to catch your attention, or maybe someone else’s too. Hehe.

– Flashing custom kernels for the sake of tweaking your screen? Forget that, we have color balance adjustments right within the settings. Nice, no?
– Chop the extras like a chef, and style like a designer – status bar tuner and battery shapes are in the store as well.

– Hello, hello, hello? We’ve all been there. That’s why we tossed in-call vibrations into the pan.
– We need our Caffeine, and so do you! You guessed it right, the caffeine tile is back to assist in one of those situations.
– Check on the time and weather with just a couple of taps. Double tap to trigger doze looks astonishing with the seamless Android 12.1 animations and dynamic font!

– Toss the accidental screen records into the trash right from the notification bar. Saves a couple of GBs if you’re like us and hit record at the wrong moment. Hehe.
– Block thy leechers-Shield your data usage with per-app runtime internet permissions. Also, we added a hotspot setting that allows VPN upstreams.
– Use your phone as a desk clock with the AOD which is charging implementation.
– Zip, zap, zoom – advanced reboot menu lets you enter special modes in just a few taps. Squeezing volume buttons is a thing of the past. You’ll thank us for this.

Performance Pack Upgrades!

– Master brick ports make their way into our organization to help improve the system efficiency and speed. Experience the ludicrous speed. 😉
– Merge it all: The latest tags from CodeLinaro have been pasted on the 404 source. Translates to the latest security patch, and enhancements for your Snapdragon devices. Haha yes.
– Bug fixes for Able media player make their way into the source as well.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes here and there.

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Download links:

Click here to download [OFFICIAL]

Click here to download [Unofficial, Redmi Note 10 Pro] [Credits: @Black_Serpent]

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