Repainter vs Themer Repainter vs Themer

Project Themer VS Repainter | Best Choice for you?

Project Themer VS Repainter | Best Choice for you?

Repainter vs Themer

Project Themer VS Repainter | Best Choice for you?

Themer :

Welcome to Project Themer.



Bored of how your Android looks? Themer comes to save you. Project Themer Gives you the abilites of;
-Changing QS tiles style
-Changing Brightness slider look
-Taking control of Material You Accent Colors with Presets and a Color Picker!
-Make transparent accent colors
-All Themes, QS tile and Brightness Slider styles avalible with Live, Monet supporting previews!
-Applying Amoled black background
-One click Applying beautiful theme presets
-Changing Statusbar, Battery Icons
-App theming (Currently Google Apps)

With extra features like,
White Labels in QS panel
and Dark mode for Media Players in QS panel!

*Application will need to install the core pack for themes for ONE TIME.
And you will able to apply all the changes WITHOUT REBOOT!
*You need to have an internet connection for first time installing

Repainter :

Repainter brings customizable, dynamic Material You theming with a vivid community to any device/ROM with Android 12 or newer.

Check out the community’s themes:

ROOT MAY BE REQUIRED depending on your device and Android version! Install Repainter to check compatibility for free.

Customize your phone with Repainter:
• Choose colors from your wallpaper, or pick your own color
• Change accent and background colors
• Get Android 13’s new theme styles on any device
• Change colorfulness and brightness, including pure AMOLED black
• Advanced controls for behavior and color targets
• Preview themes and colors instantly

Explore the theming community:
• Save and share your themes with the world
• Pick from hundreds of community-made themes
• Search for themes with your favorite color

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Watch Video [Comparison]

WATCH VIDEO : [Project Themer Alternative – FREE]

Download links :

Click here to download [Themer]

Click here to download [Repainter]


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [Iconify] [credits: here]

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