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Most Advanced OS is here ft. /e/OS | Hands ON! [Best in 2022/23?]

Most Advanced OS is here ft. /e/OS | Hands ON!

e os

Most Advanced OS is here ft. /e/ OS | Hands ON!

What’s in /e/OS?

/e/OS is a complete mobile ecosystem which includes a mobile operating system (ROM) and online-services. The project was launched at the end of 2017. It has historically been the first mobile OS to focus on deGoogling.

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/e/OS is:

  • Open source
  • Pro-privacy
  • Compatible with existing Android applications
  • Cares about usability
  • running on more than 200 different smartphone models

This OS is an alternative to the Apple/Google duopoly for smartphone users.

It consists of:

  • an installable mobile operating system for smartphones, which is forked from LineageOS/AOSP, and completely “deGoogled”
  • a default set of open source applications that have been improved and optimized for the user
  • various online services that are linked to the mobile operating system, such as: a meta search engine for the web, a cloud drive with data synchronization, mail, calendar, notes, tasks.

It is also available pre-installed on a range of Murena smartphones.

Want to give /e/OS a try?

Install it now!


Purchase a Murena smartphone.

Watch Video: [Android 11]

Watch Video: [Android 12]

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