This is Actually something Unique ft. Fluid OS | Android 12L

This is Actually something Unique ft. Fluid OS | Android 12L

fluid os

Finally this is something Different/Unique | ft. Fluid OS Android 12L | New UI & More !

Fluid 2.7.2 Customisation Add-up update

– Added clock customisation
– Added traffic monitor
– Added pocket mode
– Added options to remove brightness from QSS and put it on top
– Added panels for individual wifi, mobile data and bluetooth tiles
– Added option to blur lockscreen music art cover and to disable it
– Added option to toggle combined internet icons
– Added long press power button for flash
– Added signature spoofing permission and togglable INTERNET and SENSOR permissions
– Added 3-finger-swipe screenshot
– Added double tap to sleep on statusbar and lockscreen
– Added advanced lockscreen charging info
– Added force full-screen cutout
– Added heads up tile
– Added option to copy log to pasty
– Fixed ContactsProvider crashing
– Fixed QS panel brightness bar appearing on top on clean flash
– Restored to old icon for DocumentsUI
– Improved QS panel brightness animation
– Clicking on QS clock or date will now open calendar or clock
– Estimates will be calculated from turbo if available
– A new improved power menu
– Fonts from the font selector should now apply system wide
Probably most customisation fluid will ever have so enjoy.

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