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This ROM is something something Different ? ft Kaleidoscope !

This ROM is something something Different ? ft Kaleidoscope !


This ROM is something something Different ? ft Kaleidoscope !

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KaleidoscopeOS Sunflower Leaf Beta 1 Full Changelog

This update adds many features, improves the UI, updates the latest security patches and fixes some known issues to make the system more stable and multi-functional.

• Added network traffic indicator
• Added charging animation
• Added fast charger support
• Added fingerprint unlock support on AOD
• Added legacy VPN types support
• Added light theme for quick settings
• Added light theme for power menu
• Added signature scheme v1 support for modern applications
• Optimized the display of status bar and navigation bar
• Optimized the experience of desktop and quickstep
• Optimized the fluency of system
• Optimized the rounded corners of split screen
• Optimized the UI of system applications
• Optimized the UI of quick settings
• Fixed the issue of crash when switching split screen from background
• Fixed known general issues
• Updated Android security patch to 2022.07
• Updated misc changes
• Improved system stability
• Improved time display in twelve-hour format

Battery Health
• Newly added Battery Health feature, let you know more about your battery reminder life
• Supported Maximum Capacity and Charge Cycles, allowing you to measure how long the battery has been in use

• Added OPlus Sans 2.0 as the default font, explore the beauty of technology with words
• We are excited that OPPO has licensed OPlus Sans 2.0 to us to share the beautiful look and feel of OPlus Sans 2.0 with users around the world
• OPlus Sans 2.0 fonts is copyrighted by Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. and is licensed to KaleidoscopeOS for use as is, free and in a legitimate form
• Added Roboto as the fallback font

• Newly added Kaleidoscope camera, bringing a better photo experience
• Newly added barcode scanner feature
• Newly added preview grid feature
• Added desktop shortcuts

• Added a new wallpaper to the Raindrop wallpaper gallery
• Added strict standby policy
• Added background tasks freezer
• Added WebView implementation selection

• Newly added phone call recording
• Added China Boardnet APN support
• Added support for Apple AirPods battery level
• Allowed sending any file via Bluetooth

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