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Top 3 – Must use Magisk Modules | July 2022

Top 3 – Must use Magisk Modules | July 2022


Top 3 – Must use Magisk Modules | July 2022

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  1. Google Product Sans

This module helps you to replace old Roboto font with Google Product Sans Font systemlessly though Magisk. Module is made to be compatible with Android 12 & 12.1 devices.


  • Replace all system fonts with Google Product Sans Font;
  • Android 12.1+ emojis;

2. Clear Cache

A module that allows your device to clear all apps cache by typing su -c cleaner in Terminal.


If you’re using any part of this module don’t forget to give a credits, thanks…

3. AudioHQ


Provide binary and apk for controlling each applications volume


Flash it on MagiskManager DO NOT FLASH ON: Flyme,EMUI,GAME Phone system or any oem modified system(EXCEPT MIUI for now)

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