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Project Themer vs AOSP MODS – Best Choice for you ?

Project Themer vs AOSP MODS – Best Choice for you ? 


Project Themer vs AOSP MODS – Best Choice for you ? Top Quality Android 12 Theming/Customisation !

Introduction – Project Themer

Welcome to Project Themer.


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Bored of how your Android looks? Themer comes to save you. Project Themer Gives you the abilities of;
-Changing QS tiles style
-Changing the Brightness slider look
-Taking control of Material You Accent Colors with Presets and a Color Picker!
-Make transparent accent colors
-All Themes, QS tile, and Brightness Slider styles are available with Live, Monet supporting previews!
-Applying Amoled black background
-One-click Applying beautiful theme presets
-Changing Statusbar, Battery Icons
-App theming (Currently Google Apps)

Introduction – AOSP MODS

This is a mixed Xposed+Magisk module, which is made to allow customizations that are not originally designed in AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

(Current) Features:

  • Back gesture customization
  • (3-Button navigation) Hold back to kill app
  • Hide navigation bar
  • Light QS Theme
  • Vibrate on QS tile tap
  • One-Finger QS panel pulldown
  • Customize 4G/LTE icon
  • Combined signal Icons
  • Double-tap to sleep
  • Customization on Battery icon style and size
  • Configure build number text in QS footer
  • Hide fingerprint circle (Pixel 6)
  • Lockscreen shortcut customization
  • Configure carrier text in lock screen
  • Disable screenshot sound
  • Power button long-press to toggle Torch
  • Double-tap to wake
  • Network Monitor
  • Statusbar Height
  • Statusbar Padding (for phones with left-corner camera)
  • Quick Settings Row & Column numbers
  • Quick Settings tiles text size
  • Internet / Wifi + Cell Tiles
  • Navbar pill thickness
  • Navbar pill theme
  • Keyboard height
  • Icon shapes
  • Statusbar Icon styles
  • Fonts
  • Themed Icons
  • SystemUI Tuner
  • Brightness Slider in Quick QS
  • Battery Bar
  • Volume Longpress to skip music
  • QS Tiles Styles
  • Dark Theme Styles
  • Longpress on settings icon (in QS) to launch AOSPMods manager
  • Expand/Collapse all notifications
  • Tablet taskbar (12.1+)
  • Music album art on lockscreen (with blur / grayscale)
  • Dual-tone QS header
  • Pin code scramble for extra security
  • Disable over-scroll effect
  • VoLTE Icon
  • Double Tap Torch
  • Multi-row statusbar
  • Editable notification icon limit
  • Variable-supported text on lockscreen/AOD
  • Easy unlock
  • Option to disable fingerprint sensor while the screen is off
  • Option to ignore the display cutout

Of course, this is an ongoing work and the feature list will get longer through time

Compatibility: This module is designed based on AOSP source code. What does it mean? it means that it’s expected to work on Roms (Firmwares) which are built based on fairly unmodified Android source code. This means, mainly, Pixel Phones (3, 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 6), and any other Roms that haven’t heavily modified the original Android codes. Our feedbacks show that AOSPMods is compatible with Pixel stock Roms and Pixel Experience (normal edition). The mod can also be installed on ArrowOS, Pixel Experience (Plus Edition), ProtonAOSP and LineageOS with some broken features.

  • Android 11 [or lower]: NOT Compatible
  • Android 12: Compatible
  • Android 12.1 (12L): Compatible
  • Android 13: Compatible

Install tutorial : [Project Themer & AOSP Mods Respectively]

Comparison between AOSP MODS & Project Themer here :

Download links :

Click here to download [Project Themer]

Click here to download [AOSP MODS]

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