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MicroSD with 1.5TB of Storage ? Wow !

MicroSD with 1.5TB of Storage ? Wow !


Image Source – Micron

1.5TB of Storage

So far we know about many Sd Cards sizes. As far as I know, while writing this Article We have up to 512 Giga Bytes of MicroSD available. But now we have information regarding 1.5TB of MicroSD size. This 1.5TB of MicroSD might be too costly for a middleman, but this can store a lot of important data for you.

Right now, This Micro SD is available by Micron, but it might come soon from other brands too. Samsung might be the other one to give you 1.5TB of MicroSD. Micron’s new i400 microSD line is being manufactured using the company’s 176-layer 3D NAND process with a focus on performance and endurance, and is being positioned primarily as a storage device for video security devices such as dash cameras in large vehicle fleets, police body cameras, and even home security solutions.



According to Micron, this 1.5TB of MicroSD can handle 4k Videos too smoothly & even 8k videos. The RW speed is far better compared to any other Storage MicroSD so far. There are no specifics on when the 1.5TB i400 microSD card will go on sale, nor is there any pricing information available yet either. When SanDisk launched the first 1TB microSD card back in 2019, it sold for $450.