Apple’s Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Leaked!

Apple’s Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Leaked. Before the end of the year, 52audio anticipates releasing the AirPods Pro 2. To preview the hardware, 52audio has released photos. Before its debut, the website provided pictures of the third-generation AirPods’ design.

Apple's Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Leaked

Apple’s Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Features

For the next update to AirPods Pro, what’s inside AirPods Pro 2 is crucial. Reportedly the Bluetooth 5.2-powered LC3 codec in Apple’s AirPods beta software. The enhanced hardware is anticipated to be backed by a greatly upgraded CPU capable of Apple Lossless (ALAC) music playback. This codec promises more powerful streaming with better audio quality.

Health features for AirPods have also long been reported to be in the works, although things like heart rate tracking and temperature monitoring are rumors.

The new AirPods Pro 2 from Apple. The H1 chip, which features self-adaptive active noise reduction, the enhanced SiP packaging technique, and an improved “Find My” feature are just a few of the numerous improvements it delivers. Additionally, it offers additional features including improved rapid charging, hearing aid compatibility, heart rate tracking, and a USB-C port.

Apple's Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Leaked

Regarding the inside chip, the new Apple H1 packaging method offers “self-adaptive” noise suppression and a heart rate monitoring sensor that can also detect temperature. Regarding audio quality, Apple AirPods Pro 2 will mimic AirPods 3’s acoustic properties.

Apple’s Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Design

After going through numerous product versions, the MagSafe charging case ultimately brought about a significant improvement for the AirPods Pro 2. From product images, The Apple’s Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case (Rumored) we can identify the evident variations in look. The USB-C connector at the bottom has more apertures added on both sides, and two bigger ports on the right side are shielded by a stylish metal structure.

Apple's Redesigned AirPod 2 Pro Case Leaked

The hearing aid microphone may also be seen via the perforations on the right side. People with hearing loss might benefit from the ability to capture sound through the charging case and send it to the earphone for sound enhancement and playback. The bottom speaker can play sounds on its own and cooperates with the “Find My” APP to assist users to locate the charging case more quickly.

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