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MIUI Alpha Launcher MOD – Extra Customisations & Features | MIUI 12/13 | Best Magisk Module ?

MIUI Alpha Launcher MOD – Extra Customisations & Features | MIUI 12/13 | Best Magisk Module ?


Based on latest MIUI alpha Launcher🔥

MOD Changelog (bold text) and description:

-This module has both versions (iOS-style and default recents) inside.
-You can select the one you prefer and you can also install latest Chinese App vault (optional) to have new widgets store.
-The choice is made by pressing volume keys during installation (thanks to MMT-extended template).
-The script will also uninstall previous module version (if installed) and launcher/app vault updates when needed.
-Added latest weather app modded by me to work with global/EU based ROMs and to have 15days forecast (when selecting app vault option)
-You can select extended home layout (up to 9×16) even with “don’t show text” option. It should avoid occasionally misplaced icons.
-Animations speed will be set to default speed when flashing the module.
-You can tweak animations speed with termux (needs root) or Setedit or adb (no root needed).
-Little tweaks to iOS-style recents.

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-Flash zip in Magisk then select the options with volume keys when asked
-If you are updating from a previous version you can simply flash the new version that will uninstall the old one.
-Home layout could be lost in some cases so it’s highly recommended to have a backup (use Micloud or Swift backup or similar app).

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