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riceDroid Android 12/13/14 with Insane Features & Perfect ?

riceDroid Android 12/13/14 with Insane Features & Perfect ?


RiceDroid Update Changelog
Rice Code: 2.0
Rice Version: Fried squid (calamari) is a dish in Mediterranean cuisine. It consists of batter-coated squid, deep-fried for less than two minutes to prevent toughness. It is served plain, with salt and lemon on the side

riceDroid is here…

Crdroid Upstream Changes
* Redesigned User Interface
* Improved stock apps Material you colors implementation
* Black theme support for Messaging and Dialer app
* SushiLauncher version 3.0
* Recolored some Material you UI/UX elements
* Reworked QS Media notification
* Improved Settings Dashboard Styles
* Improved User Interface theming
– new fonts
– new signal and wifi icons
* Lockscreen shortcuts settings
* Notification Headers toggle
* Fixed Monet not getting applied when an iconpack is applied
* Fixed HeadsUp, reticker and other notifications not popping-up
* SystemUI mods that needs sysui restart now shows prompts so user will not mistook it for bugs
* Adaptive Playback feature
* Make IME button space optional feature
* Performance improvement

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riceDROID V3.0 – OFFICIAL Android 12L

RisingOS [Rebranded riceDROID]

RisingOS [2.0] [Android 14]

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