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Finally OFFICIAL Corvus OS – Android 12.1/13 is here | Hands ON – First Look !

Finally OFFICIAL Corvus OS – Android 12.1/13 is here | Hands ON – First Look !


Corvus OS S-2.1 – Revolt | Changelogs

– Android release tag – Android-12.1.0_r4 (April 2022)

Raven Launcher
– Imported LawnIcons icons for launcher themed icons
– Added toggle for homscreen rotation
– Added kill app option
– Added Google lens trigger from recents
– Added toggle for bottom search bar theme
– Added DT2S
– Left swipe to smartspace widget available

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– Enabled and Added Monet customisation (Kdragon impl)
– Added toggle for spoofing unlimited Google photos and unlock higher game graphic settings
– Added toggle for battery estimates
– Ability to set different icon shapes
– Custom system fonts implementation
– Added ability to change system icon packs
– Added pocket lock in display settings
– Added toggle for Overriding dark mode (BETA, works only for certain apps)
– Added ability to reset battery stats
– Added ability to set gesture bar length
– Added 3 button navbar layout inversion
– Wake on plug and other basic system element toggles


– Redesigned Settings dashboard (Check screenshots)
– Enabled lock icon background by default
– Designed a new way to show corvus version
– Enabled smartspace weather provider in lockscreen
– Added DT2S in statusbar
– Added ability to change screen temperature/Color (Kdragon impl)
– Added QS Tile to trigger RavenDoze mode
– System level perfomance and smoothness improvements

– Added new bootanimation
– OTA updates will be enabled for our official devices one by one through tests. May not be available in the initial release.
– We have introduced community specific wallpaper app for user contribution, can be checked by visiting our official github source page.

Happy Flashing !

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Changelog : [2-7-2022]

Corvus OS v3.2- Vindicate | Changelog

Merged June Security patch android-12.1.0_r8
Huge backend changes in source (Art, Bionic, Libcore, Framework)
Updated camera/media codecs
Make full use of thin LTO
Reverted pop-up window blurs to bring back A12 animations
Enabled App compaction by default
Added ability to restrict data in apps
Added ability to allow thethering to use VPN
Fixed VoLTE icon padding in statusbar
Redesigned bottom Lock Screen background
Changed Re-Ticker default color to match accent color
Adjusted colors for category titles
Adjusted color for QS Clock background color
Fixed MTK SMS bug
QS Clock: Re-align and style Clock-date view together
Added ability to resize statusbar clock
Added ability to resize QS clock
Unblock all statusbar icons and make them toggleable
Settings: Updated design in corvus version
Updated default wallpaper
Vendor: Re-do Runtime configs
Updated GMS and Pixel stuff with latest june dump
Use accent color for charging animation
Added ability to toggle between QS Panel Styles

QS Styles: Added option for Default, Rounded rectangle and outline styles
Launcher: Added scale animation in recents scroll
Revamped QS Tile ripple animation and made it more appealing
Added Battery indicator to GameSpace panel
Adjusted GameSpace overall layout
Added our modified version of PhotonCamera
Added support for more APN configs
Updated stock recovery
Vold: added Patches for FDE

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