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Wow – Face Unlock in all Custom ROMs


Wow – Face Unlock in all Custom ROMs


UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs

– Xposed/EdXposed/LSposed
– Android 11 or 12 (may also work on Android 10, but not tested)

Installation :
1. Download the “universalauth-xposed-release.apk  file and install it. Enable the xposed module and reboot.
2. Download the “faceunlock-release.apk  file and install it.
3. A new app called “Face unlock” should now appear, open it.
4. Allow the app to download the face unlock libraries when asked.
5. Grant the app permission to unlock your phone when asked.
6. Enable the accessibility service when asked.
7. Press the “START SETUP” button to enroll your face. The app will ask you to grant it camera permissions, make sure to select “allow while using the app” if that option is available.
8. Lock your phone and test that you are able to use face unlock!

Watch Video :-

Source :
XDA Developers

Credits :- •𝙒ᴇ𝘼ʀᴇ𝙍ᴀᴠᴇɴ𝙎•

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