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Best & Open source Apps for you to try – 2022 Edition [February/March]

Best & Open source Apps for you to try – 2022 Edition [February/March]

open source apps

Best & Open source Apps for you to try – 2022 Edition [February]

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1.  Monocles Browser

This is the first release of the monocles browser.

When dealing with the browser with the correct settings (restricted to Javascript and cookies), it is very strong to protect your privacy and also safety!

Please use the current security updates of your Android version. In the defaults, the monocles browser uses the monocles webview, so it is important to have newer versions as Android 4.4.+.

In the default settings, Javascript and cookies are deactivated to ensure the greatest possible security. However, for better use of the monocles pages it is recommended to allow for this Javascript and cookies. Simply add to the trusted domains in the menu. The monocles metasearch machine does not store your IP or any other data.

• Integrated EasyList ad blocking.
• Tor Orbot proxy support.
• SSL certificate pinning.
• Import/export of settings and bookmarks.

2. Url Checker

This app acts as an intermediate step towards opening url links. When you click on a link and choose this app to open it, it will show a dialog with some information about the link. Specially useful when you need to open an external link either from an email, from a social network app, or similar.

The app was for personal use, but shared to others can benefit from it. It is free and without any ads, as small as possible and using as few permissions as possible (only the internet permission, for module checks that will only be performed when the user request them). The source code is available on GitHub too, in case you want to suggest or even add new modules to the app:

It was developed using a modular setup, you can enable or disable individual modules:

* Input text: Displays the current url, which can be edited manually. Can’t be disabled.

* History: View and revert any change from other modules, or edits from the user (typical undo/redo feature, and also a list)

* Status code: By pressing the button a petition will be made to retrieve that url, and the status code will be displayed (ok, server error, not found…). Additionally, if it corresponds to a redirection, press the message to replace with the new url. The url is fetched, but not evaluated, so redirection based on javascript won’t be detected.

* VirusTotal analysis: When this module is enabled you can scan the url using VirusTotal and check the report. A personal VirusTotal API key is needed for it to work. VirusTotal™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.

* Clear Url modules: Uses the Clear Url database to detect referral and useless parameters from the url to ‘clear’ it. It also allows for common offline url redirections. Uses the Clear URL database (version Dec 25, 2020) from

* Pattern module: Performs checks based on patterns:
– If the url is an http one, press the warning message to replace it with https.
– Checks and warns for non-ascii characters like greek letters. This can be used for phishing: googĺ vs

* Debug module: Displays the intent uri, and optionally info about the ctabs (custom tabs) service. This is intended for developers.

* Open module: Contains the open and share buttons. If a link can be opened with multiple apps, an arrow will be shown to let you choose. Can’t be disabled.

3. Simple Clipboard Editor

This app displays the current content of your phone’s clipboard.
When that content is text, you can edit, replace, delete or perform any other text modification, live.
Additionally, you can also share the content directly and create a notification with it for later use.

Note: Due to Google’s restrictions the app can’t interact with the clipboard while it’s closed. It will be automatically updated as soon as you reopen it though. The app doesn’t contains any history functionality (not yet at least).

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4. Mull – Privacy Oriented Web Browser

This is a privacy oriented and deblobbed web browser based on Mozilla technology. It enables many features upstreamed by the Tor Uplift project using preferences from the arkenfox-user.js project. It is recommended to install ‘uBlock Origin’.

5. Blackhole Music Player


– Best Streaming Quality (320kbps)
– Music Search
– Trending Songs
– Support 15+ music languages
– Local and Global Top Spotify songs
– Add Songs to Favorite
– Playlists support
– Import Playlists from Spotify
– Sleep timer
– Lyrics Support
– Listening history record
– Dark mode / accent color
– Download for offline play (320kbps with ID3 tags)
– Play Online as well as Offline Songs
– Queue Management
– Auto Update Check
– Cache support
– No Subscription
– No Ads
More to come…

6. Volta – Additional Actions for Volume buttons

Tiny app to add several actions to volume buttons.

* Long Volume Up – next track
* Long Volume Down – previous track
* Double Volume Up – flashlight

Does NOT work when the screen is fully off. For a better user experience use Key Mapper.

* ACCESSIBILITY – receive volume key events
* VIBRATE – notify on action success
* FLASHLIGHT – toggle flashlight

It is Free Open Source Software.
License: GPL-3

Watch Video here :- [First 3 & Last 3 Respectively]

Download links :-

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