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Project Radiant – ANDROID 12 | New UI is here


Project Radiant – ANDROID 12 | New UI is here



Project Radiant is a custom ROM aiming to be original, we make our own features, we make our own UI. We have been around since February 2021 and have grown ever since. We support a variety of devices and try to update the ROM as frequently as we can, at the end we all are students and work on this as a hobby which can cause delays. The team is pretty small and we are always looking forward to more people joining us

You can find ROM screenshots at:

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* Lots of theming options

* Dynamically colored bootanimations

* Custom UIs

* Monet

Must see :- Paranoid Android – Android 12

* A custom designed SUW

* Custom designed Privacy Indicators

* Plain theme

* System level pitchblack theme

* Monet base picker

* Constant additions of things like system tweaks, customisations, UI changes, custom apps with fresh featuresm etc.

* Tons of more misc. stuff like forcing small clock, etc!

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Check out the Video :-

Download link ?

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