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The Google Camera App: What it Can Do, Why You Might Want to Download It

The Google Camera App: What it Can Do, Why You Might Want to Download It


The Google Camera or well known as the GCam APK is one of the best camera app available for Android phones. This is the default Camera available on Pixel Phones which is developed by Google but now this can be installed on almost all Android phones.

The image processing algorithm of the Google Camera APK is so strong that other developers have created port or mod of this one, which works on almost all other Android phones out there.

This is the ultimate Google Camera Port Hub which always provides the latest version and has more than 250 compatible devices in the list. Browse and download a compatible GCam APK port from this hub and experience the magic by yourself!

Our collection is the biggest in comparison to the GCam APK ports found on XDA-Developers or Celso Azevedo’s blog. You can search the entire portfolio of apps try it on your own phone to believe.

Section 1: Why you might want to download the GCam APK

1. Google Camera works on almost any Android phone which is more than 10 years old.

2. It has a wide variety of quality features like face detection, light adjustment, and many more

3. It comes with a free backup function (DRM) for your photos

4. It also has the stock “Gmail camera” option to easily take pictures with your email

5. No other camera app offers an impressive database of features and photos

Section 2: Newer versions, more features, more support

1. It can now support on higher-end hardware.

2. The new free-backup function allows users to upload photos to Google Photos.

3. It can now also support more camera features.

4. It can now support a night mode for the picture.

5. It can now support a zoom function for the camera.

What the GCam APK can do

Now there are some particular features of the Google Camera you should be aware of before installing it. You should always know what the application can do and what you need to do when using it.

Take advantage of advanced features of the Google Camera. You will never run out of camera features with this app.

Only activate the Google Camera when you need it. It is not a running application and it can sleep or hide.

The Google Camera Port Hub

We provide the links to the GCam APK that you can download or update yourself in order to enjoy the best camera app on your Android phone. Check out all supported phones and see the complete list here. If you need to download a supported GCam APK for your phone then please visit Website.

So if you want to find the latest version of google camera on your phone then it’s a good idea to check this resource. If you find any issue while using this port feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to fix them.

List of Apps

GetThe GCam Updated: Updated to Latest Version of Google Camera Port

GetThe GCam (previously known as Google Camera APK) is the most reliable Google Camera APK ported to other devices. It is the best port for fast and reliable camera support on most Android phones. GetThe GCam have recently updated to the latest Google Camera Port version. In this update it got some new features.

New Features of GetTheGCam (GCam) Latest Version:

Alarm function with noise reduction

Pixel perfect camera: Do you have a slow or poor Internet connection? GetTheGCam will allow you to use the most advanced and reliable camera on your phone.

How to Install the GCam APK

Before installing this application, make sure you have installed Google Apps, and you have Google Services and Trusted Platform Module installed on your device.

Android Port works like any other app, download, install the device, open the application, click on the red button on the top left corner to start the installation and click on the Back button on your phone to go back. After installing the Google Camera application, it will show a notification that it is installed.

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One could say that the camera app on Android is a very old platform. Most of the modern devices have dedicated APK like Google Camera to manage their camera’s features or something similar. The Google Camera APK is very easy to install, so if you are into photography and have an Android phone, there is no point in having something clunky which is not meant for photography.

We can recommend Google Camera APK, because it provides advanced camera features that come out to be really useful for every kind of photographer. At the same time it provides the most intuitive user interface that comes really handy when you are out to capture an image.

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