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Nusantara OS – Android 11/12/13 is here | First Look | First Impressions

Nusantara OS – Android 11/12/13 is here | First Look | First Impressions


Nusantara OS – Android 10/11/12 is here | First Look | First Impressions

Is the Android OS from Nusantara Project safe?

Basically all AOSP is safe. But when rooting the device, it is desirable to always monitor it using a third-party antivirus application if needed. Because the security of the device depends on the use of each user.

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Is Nusantara Project free?

Yes, it’s 100% free at no cost. Make sure you download the official version on our website.

What is the difference between Vanilla and GApps?

Vanilla is the term for a custom variant that does not have Google Play Services installed and there is no google application like Google Playstore. So, you can manually install it using a customized GApps provider such as NikGApps, BitGApps, GApps, FlameGApps, etc. File sizes are generally below 1GB.

While the GApps variant is a ready-to-use variant, there is no need to do manual installs like the vanilla variant. The file size that GApps has installed is generally above 1GB.

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Android 12 Changelog ?

  • Initial alpha build
  • Merged ASB November 2021

Android 13 Changelog ?

  • Initial build Android 13

Check out the First Look below : [Android 12]

Check out below : [Android 13]

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