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Finally Lineage OS 21 is here – First Look ANDROID 14 | The BEST?

Finally Lineage OS 21 is here – First Look ANDROID 14 | The BEST?


Lineage OS –

Lineage OS is a Custom ROM based on AOSP with no Google Apps & Bloatware. It’s main Focus is on Stability & it doesn’t contain any major features. Yes it contains some basic useful features but only basic one. If you’re looking for other Custom ROMs with Customization ? Check out the list here

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Custom ROM

custom ROM essentially replaces the stock ROM or skin on your phone with the one you choose to install. For example, if you have a Xiaomi or Redmi phone running on MIUI but you don’t like the interface, you can install a custom ROM that will change the UI to stock Android or something else you like.

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Since Google has made Android open-source, it means the source code of the operating system (OS) itself is available to developers, and anyone can make their own version of Android if they know what they are doing.


Android 12

With Android 12‘s AOSP source drop , many were left wondering (particularly those with Pixel devices) when they would get to use a fully complete version of the latest and greatest Android experience. We’ve already seen a number of beta builds from OEMs like OPPO, OnePlus, and Samsung for select devices, but there are no stable releases yet and there likely won’t be for a while. Having said that, the public availability of the Android 12 source code means that custom ROMs are now due to come at any time, and indeed, they have already started appearing on our forums.

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LineageOS, an open-source Android distribution, is available for several devices, with more being continuously added thanks to the biggest, yet ever growing.


Customization is paramount to productivity.
That’s why LineageOS promises to push for user personalization and preference.

Everyone is unique and your device should be too.


Your data, your rules. With powerful tools such as Privacy Guard, you are in control of what your apps can do whenever you want.

Trust will help you understand the security of your device and warn you about possible threats.

We take security very seriously: that’s why we deliver security updates every month to all our supported devices.
And to make your device more secure, lock everything behind an enhanced lock screen.

Watch Video :- [LineageOS 19 & LineageOS 20 below]

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Watch Lineage OS 21 with Mods

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