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Top 3 Custom ROMs – October 2021

Top 3 Custom ROMs – October 2021


custom ROM essentially replaces the stock ROM or skin on your phone with the one you choose to install. For example, if you have a Xiaomi or Redmi phone running on MIUI but you don’t like the interface, you can install a custom ROM that will change the UI to stock Android or something else you like.

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While some may like a certain UI or skin, others may not. Some users prefer a feature-rich interface with the ability to install themes and modify system elements while some may want a clean, simple experience with no frills. This is where installing a custom Android ROM comes into the picture.

Talking about these Custom ROMs —

Android 12 AOSP with Pixel Features

This sounds different but yes Android 12 AOSP ROM is great if you use with Extra Pixel Magisk Module. AOSP Android 12 right now is available for many devices & you can try that Module to make this ROM  one of the best . That’s why we Included this ROM in our Top Custom ROMs of Oct. 2021.

Watch the Detailed Review below –

Octavi OS –

Octavi OS Android 11 was just one of the Great Custom ROMs out there. & with the Update of Android 12 , as expectedly This has better UI , better Options. No extra features added yet unfortunately except Swipe to Screenshot & System UI tuner. But we can expect some great features Soon.

Watch the Detailed Review below –

Dot OS v5.2 –

Dot OS v5.2 is one of the Most trending Custom ROMs out there. It’s based on Android 11 with some Cool features inspired from Android 12. It includes New Gaming Dashboard , Battery Manager , Perfect Android 12 UI & more… So you must give it a try. Check out the Detailed Review below once.


I made a Quick REVIEW of all these three Reviews [save your time xD]
See it below –

Download links –
  1. Click here to download  [Look up for your device]
  2. Click here to download
  3. Click here to download

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