OFFICIAL Octavi OS v2.9.1 Custom ROM – A Good Choice ?

 OFFICIAL Octavi OS v2.9.1 Custom ROM – A Good Choice ?

As we said with 2.9 release we are fully OpenSourced now. And because this is last feature / UI update everything is fixed that can be done. Updates will be there but only with security patches now. See ya in Android S 😉

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  1. Fixed DC Dimming
  2. CTS/Safetynet passed by default
  3. Play Store Certified
  4. Switched to stock fp
  5. Switched to Vantom Kernel
  6. Kernel upstreamed to 4.14.246
  7. Switch to source Refresh Rate Control
  8. Fixed Hotword Enrollment (basically Ok Google)
  9. Switched to AOSP FM Stack 10.Fixed FM not working 11.Switched to Proton Clang 12.Added hacks to hide magisk much better 13.Bump up haptic level 14.Imported device-specific display configs 15.Switch to xiaomi-touch impl for dt2w 16.Enabled QPower and Deep Sleep for wifi 17.Removed Audio FX 18.Import stock WCNSS config 19.Switched to prebuilt libcameraservice 20.Added missing PowerOffAlarm blobs 21.Added support for stereo speaker in Audio HAL 22.Enabled Full Screen Aspect Ratio 23.Disabled Live Display Display Mode 24.Dropped prebuilt Power-Off chargingDon’t Miss :- Pixel Blaster OS – Cool Features

    Changelog for 2.9.1

    – Merged October Security patch (r48)
    – Fixed QS rows value stuck at default isssue
    – Fixed icons overlapping in “Manage available keyboards” section
    – Removed the media art blurred filter in QS
    – Fixed settings indent issue for color pickers
    – Made greetings qoutes a bit nicer
    – Misc changes that doesn’t make sense adding here

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