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A Perfect Custom ROM ? Best Battery Backup & Insane Customizations…!!

A Perfect Custom ROM ? Best Battery Backup & Insane Customizations…!!


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Providing Unique type of OS with lots of UI Modifications and Customizations.

Ancient ROM is a rom with full of customization, unique UI, smooth performance.

Taking Customisation To The Next Level

If you thought CyanogenMod was the best customisable ROM ever available for Android, then you are in for a treat. Havoc-OS takes customisation to the next level. The custom ROM is a beast when it comes to customisation. You can change almost anything on your device. If it exists, it is customisable.

Battery Saving

Almost all phones have a battery saver application that gets activated automatically when the battery falls below 15-20% or you can even switch it on manually. In Havoc however, you get multiple features to do so. One such feature is ‘Sensor block per-package’. You can switch it on manually. What this feature does it that it essentially blocks the access to certain sensors on your phone for certain apps, which saves battery. Another feature is ‘Alarm blocker’, which prevents certain applications from waking up your phone when you get notifications. Using these battery saving features can sometimes give you a massive boost in screen-on times.

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