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Finally Oxygen OS is here – Redmi Note 8/9s/Pro/10 Pro/Pro Max | REVIEW & INSTALL

Finally Oxygen OS is here – Redmi Note 8/ 9s/Pro/10 Pro/Pro Max | REVIEW & INSTALL


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Redmi Note 10 Pro Run on Android 11 & it is Powered by QCOM SD Processor. it is a Dual SIM Smartphone Support Nano GSM SIM cards, Connectivity options include GPS WIFI hotspot 3G & 4G. The device come with 6/8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of Storage that can be expandable via SD Card.

by Tech Zone


• Bluetooth Audio
• Switching to 60hz is not possible


• Ported from the OnePlus 8 Pro
• Added Latest Retro Music Player
• Added Open Camera
• Added Vibration/Silent Mode App
• 120Hz By Default


• @Sid069 and @henloboi for helping
• Everyone else who helped me thank you so much

New UPDATE By @Sid069 && @FrenzyR

• Lift Up Ambient Display
• NFC (Global Varient)

• Vendor included
• Based on OP 8T
• SafetyNet passes with & without magisk
• Right Side volume bar implementation
• Dt2w and Dt2s working
• Added GCam Go
• All basic stuffs working

• Flash Magisk incase the device bootloops at Redmi logo.

• Amog787, Amack766, Cody47, @I_m_Never_Settle & #oofgang
• @Vantom for VantomKernel

REDMI NOTE 9s/Pro/Pro Max/Poco M2 Pro

• Multi langauge (finally haha yes)
• Fix DT2W switch (you can turn off / on DT2W now)
• Updated Nightstar kernel included
• Fix Dolby
• Declare Bluetooth LE support (fix mi band pairing)
• Disable album art on LS
• Add hdcpkey and some more OnePlus HALs
• Add GcamGo instead of some buggy half-baked OnePlus Camera
• Some smoothness / BB improvements
• Ported from OnePlus 7T (HD1907)

• Face Unlock
• More? Tell me with logs, please.

• @ProtoDevNan0 @zen_it_su @CyberPhantom52 @umang_jain
@ZHEN_12 @qxung @Lonely _BoA
oofgang for some misc fixes

Redmi Note 8

Changelog :

• Rom From OnePlus LE2121
• Scurity patch 2021-01-01
• Kernel MoonBase-4.14.230-Fury-ALS-Q-11042 [Default]
• performance improvement
– default App,icon,camera,Dolby etc Removed
• Costumize Charging Animation
• PAC-MAN Icon
• Cyberpunk Icon
• HFZ BootAnimations
• Font style
• Canvas Mod
• Fast Reboot
• USB Fastcharge

Notes !

to change the kernel you have to change the device name and model Build.prop Vendor

Watch Video :- [old & new respectively] [Redmi Note 10 Pro]

Watch Video [Redmi Note 9s/Pro/Pro Max/Poco M2 Pro]

Watch Video [Redmi Note 8]

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