Redmi Note 8 – Wave OS v4.8 | Android 11 | Oxygen OS UI ? Ratings ?

Redmi Note 8 – Wave OS v4.8 | Android 11 | Oxygen OS UI ? Ratings ?

Wave OS :-
WaveOS is an android custom ROM based on AOSP, focused on delivering a perfect blend of aesthetic, functionality and performance out of the box.

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Version 4.8

– Merged September 2021 security patch (android-11.0.0_r43)
– Updated GMS (gapps) to 11_202108 (August 2021)
– Fixed safetynet CTS profile for all devices
– Fixed google accounts signing out randomly
– Fixed statusbar privacy indicators
– Added wifi and bluetooth timeout option
– Added primer blue accent color
– Added support for microg location provider
– Added support for device marketname
– Properly enable gesture nav by default
– Updated clang compiler to v12.0.8 (AOSP)
– Updated some AOSP (vanilla) and prebuilt apps
– Updated libjpeg_turbo and sqlite
– Added LineageOS snap camera (for some devices)
– Added NFC icon in statusbar
– Added Google Sans/Roboto font combo
– Fonts now apply system-wide

– Misc optimizations and improvements

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