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Finally Zygisk is here – Safetynet Fix ?

Finally Zygisk is here – Safetynet Fix ?


MagiskHide reaches end-of-life

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Ending development on MagiskHide was not a difficult decision for topjohnwu to make, though. On a personal level, the developer says that it’s been a while since he last found it enjoyable to work on circumventing root detection methods, which is understandable because it’s essentially a cat-and-mouse game. Sure, Magisk’s popularity can largely be credited to its success in circumventing root detection in Google Pay and Pokémon Go, but it gets tiring having to constantly patch the project just to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. Plus, with hardware-backed attestation in play, circumventing root detection becomes far more difficult, and current workarounds may not work forever.

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Safetynet Fix Video Respectively

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