Good looking Custom ROM with useful Features – Hycon OS Android 11 [हिंदी]

Good looking Custom ROM with useful Features – Hycon OS Android 11 [हिंदी]


Another AOSP based custom rom

Hycon OS is AOSP Based ROM with many pixel features & Customizations. We always try to improve it’s stability and performance for better & smooth, lagfree experience.

[*]Accent picker
[*]Theme backup
[*]Theme styles
[*]Heads up options

[*]Three Finger Swipe
[*]DT2 Sleep
[*]Signature Spoofing
[*]Sensor block per app package
[*]Dashboard conditions
[*]Dashboard suggestions
[*]Disable device identifier restrictions

[*]Lockscreen charging info
[*]Lockscreen album art
[*]Lockscreen style
[*]Hide lock icon
[*]Media Artwork

[B]Status Bar[/B]
[*]Battery Icon Style
[*]Battery Percentage
[*]Battery stats

[B]Carrier Label[/B]
[*]Custom Carrier Label
[*]Carrier Label Fonts, Size, Colors

[B]Clock Customization[/B]
[*]Auto-hide Clock
[*]Clock Style
[*]Icon Manager
[*]Statusbar Icons
[*]Signal Icon Switch
[*]Toast app icon
[*]Bluetooth battery status

[B]Quick Settings[/B]
[*]Vibrate on Touch
[*]Settings icon toggle
[*]Edit icon toggle
[*]QS Blur
[*]Background opacity
[*]QS Layout Customization
[*]Brightness Slider Positions and customization

[B]Traffic Indicators[/B]
[*]Traffic Indicator Placement
[*]Activity Layout
[*]Net Type Activity
[*]Net font size customization
[*]Show/Hide arrows toggle
[*]Net activity auto-hide threshold

[*]Kill app button
[*]Screen off power button torch
[*]Music Control
[*]Volume rocker wake

[*]On-Screen nav bar
[*]System Navigation
[*]Full Screen gestures
[*]Left/Right Swipe Action

[B]Power Menu[/B]
[*]Restart toggle
[*]Advanced Restart Toggle
[*]Screenshot toggle

[*]Ambient Display
[*]Always on
[*]Custom Options
[*]Batter level on bottom
[*]New notifications toggle
[*]Ambient music ticker
[*]Night Light
[*]Adaptive Brightness
[*]Styles and wallpapers
[*]Display Colors
[*]Screen Savers
[*]Screen rotations
[*]Wake on plug

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