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Explore Top Level Quality Features by Installing MIUI Elite Edition ROM ft. Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max

Explore Top Level Quality Features by Installing MIUI Elite Edition ROM ft. Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max ??


 Features of EliteRomPlus other than EliteRom:

– Totally Debloated, No useless crap there. Super wallpapers removed, install apks if you need.
– Fully Deodexed ROM.
– Ability to Install system apk downloaded from third-party sources.
– Custom Kernel with ramdisk tweaks to keep rom going in flow
– Clock customizations: Color, size, with/without seconds, size in notification panel possible.
– Brightness bar customizations. colors, size, picture in back etc
– Power Menu Customizations. Choose from 17 styles or Custom one with blur, picture anything you like.
– Edge effects lightning animations of dark purple color.
– Notifications background matrix effect BUT only on blur background themes, like default/stock.
– USB File transfer issue is totally fixed 100%
– Enforcing Selinux now.
– Sound assistant is present and can be enabled but dont know whats causing it to not work properly,
– Navbar button colors are customizable now.
– Sampling frequency, bitrate for recording calls can be set on user’s choice
– Action selection after incoming or outgoing call.
– Custom background choose option for call
– Maximum brightness on active call
– Night Mode/daylight mode in calls
– Avatar size for contacts. On user’s choice
– Hide Info tiles from control center
– Long press data tile to switch to network modes or preffered network
– Smart Network settings in Connections, choose what suits you or keep it disabled.
– System-wide animations added from Oneplus
– Location of buttons on user’s choice
– Many ident and moving buttons options for caller name, avatar, size etc. Explore yourself
– Audio Visualiztions. configure audio beats on your choice either in lockscreen or notification bar.
– Battery Customizations. shape, percent size, color etc
– New sounds from MIUI 12.5.
– Google Round corners are present now, you can easily remove them by just removing a prop from a module.
– List/Scroll animations of 14 types in all apps except system apps
– Toast Animations of 22 types added. Enjoy the beautiful animations 😉
– Full Screen Caller selection
– ActionBar type selection, Choose old MIUI11 type small actionbar or Dynamic like MIUI12.
– StatusBar type selection, choose from DSB, One row or two rows!
– Ability to change Network Speed Meter options including single/double and with Resizing to your need.
– 4-way Volume bars to choose levels differently
– Mute Notifications sound when screen is on.
– Preferred Network Types selection. choose from various options not present in normal roms.
– Volumebar show time, single and expanded
– Colored notifications: Chats, sender, summary, title and many more coloring on user’s choice
– QS Toggles Customizations. change color, fonts, styles of qs toggles on both old+new styled.
– QS Tiles customizations: Change toggling animations, fast/slow, style. Toggle flow animations of various types. purely smooth – Statusbar Icons customizations: Color, size, transaparency of 2G/3G/4G/Wifi everything available
– Fingerprint unlock option after reboot. Enable/Disable
– Disabled annoying low battery notification
– Dynamic number of toggle columns in expanded and collapsed view
– Dynamic Notification Icons Size, you can enlarge or make it small according to your need.
– Dynamic Number of Notification Icons, you can select instantly how many icons to show in statusbar.
– Lockscreen Notifications.
– Dynamic Nework Speed interval, you can set refresh rate as you need.
– Screenshot in secured apps ability
– Signature verification disabled in totally. Install lower versions, different signature apps possible.
– Ability to Disable Notifications of any app, either system apps or normal
– Unlocked/Nuked Thermals for boosted performance.
– Improved Sounds from update.
– Alarm, Bluetooth, VPN, Silent, SIM icons can be hidden. Enable/Disable
– Gorgeous charging animations with customizations now
– Storage tab by default when you open File Explorer.
– Adblocker integrated.
– System apps will be updated to latest versions after testing them thoroughly
– Latest GPU drivers, Latest OpenGL drivers integrated
– Full-screen photo for outgoing call.
– Selecting a call window for an incoming call.
– Enlarged thumbnails in contacts and call log.
– Magisk-Latest patched provided for root,
– SmoothUI tweaks by Elite Development
– Amoled Colors module, need kernel support.
– You can request changes in Rom in anyway, via magisk module or direct in system…

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