Boot Animation – Marvel DC BootAnimation Android | All devices

Boot Animation – Marvel DC BootAnimation Android | All devices 

Boot Animation – Marvel DC BootAnimation Android | All devices 

What is Magisk?

To the people new to rooting, you are in safe hands! To the people who know rooting, how irritating was it to constantly keep rooting/unrooting your phone in order to get OTA updates! Or the inability to use banking applications on your phone? We totally feel you.

People often look for the root cause, we’ll give you a root solution (quite literally) to every feature you’ve wished for, on your phone!.

Magisk is a systemless rooting system. This basically means that you can modify your phone’s system without making any changes to the core code. Magisk was developed by Topjohnwu and launched in the year 2016, and since then has been widening its horizons with each passing year. Magisk Root is a boon especially when it comes to running the financial applications.

While root access was mandatory for high-level customization on Android devices not too long ago, it’s not as important these days. There are a bunch of apps on the Play Store that will let you customize almost every aspect of your device without requiring root access, and a couple of OEMs now also offer first-party customization apps that let you personalize your device with ease. For instance, Samsung’s Good Lock is a great tool that includes several useful modules that let you change the complete look and feel of your Galaxy device. Similarly, Xiaomi’s MIUI comes with a built-in Themes app that lets you change several aspects of your phone’s UI.

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