Per-App Volume Control – Finally Most Awaited Magisk Module is here

Per-App Volume Control – Finally Most Awaited Magisk Module is here  

App Volume Control lets you control the individual volume levels of Android apps [Root]

It would be nice to casually enjoy an Android game while your favorite music from Spotify is blasting in the background. On the other hand, it would also be nice if you could mostly focus on the gameplay in a game like Call of Duty: Mobile without having your music completely overtaking the game audio. The problem with Android is that the OS only offers a few audio streams that you can control the volume of, one of which is the media stream. This media stream is where games and most music apps have to output their audio, so in most cases you’re stuck controlling the volume of both games and music simultaneously. Fortunately, there’s a new mod for rooted phones called “App Volume Control” that seeks to solve this.

Android offers the concept of “audio focus“, a set of APIs that can cooperatively be utilized by third-party apps so that only one app can hold the focus at a time. Apps can choose whether or not their audio should halt or “duck” whenever another app takes over the audio focus. Because Google left it up to developers to decide how to handle things when the audio focus is lost, there’s a lot of inconsistency in how apps behave when another app takes over audio focus.

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