MIUI 13 – What we know so far

 MIUI 13 – What we know so far

 MIUI 13 is slated to be unveiled in the coming month, and will offer the latest Android experience from Xiaomi, based on Android 12.

Xiaomi, known for the wide range of smartphones that it makes, is seemingly gearing up to roll out MIUI 13. The latest version of its custom interface for Android will this time run on Android 12, and as always, a number of customisations are expected to help make the interface stand out. MIUI has often been touted as one of the most notable and well heeled custom UIs for Android out in the market. While whether you like it or not will depend on what you feel about custom Android skins, MIUI 13 will be noteworthy to say the least. Here’s everything to know about it.

Watch below to see the Features coming in MIUI 13

MIUI 13 Top Features

Xiaomi has spoken about quite a few features that are expected to be part of the upcoming MIUI 13. Here are some of the most rumoured upcoming features expected in MIUI 13:

New animations, icons and themes

One of the stronger rumours about MIUI 13 has been about “optimised animations” coming to the custom interface. While it isn’t exactly clear as to what this means, MIUI 13 may get some of Android 12’s goodness, including wallpaper-based themes. MIUI 13 may also bring along smoother, more natural animations to the entire interface, which may also include new designs for system icons, as well as new themes to go with these animations.

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Enhanced power management

One area where MIUI 13 may majorly improve on is power optimisation. Specifically, this feature would help Xiaomi introduce better low battery modes across all of its phones, which it can achieve by optimising the overall UI to consume lesser resources, and also offer multiple battery mode stages. The latter can also lead to an ultra power saving mode for extreme situations.

New always-on display

The MIUI always-on display is also expected to get an upgrade, and it is not yet clear if this would simply be a trickle-down effect of Android 12, or a general overhaul of MIUI itself. Not a lot is known about this yet, but enhancements may come in the form of how the AOD automatically adapts to various lighting situations, and how you may automate it to show or hide notifications based on what you are up to.

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App pinning on share screen

One feature that may sound marginal but can actually be of big help to many is app pinning on share screen. Here, users may get the ability to pin their most used apps to the window that opens every time you tap on the share button from anywhere in your phone. This can significantly improve the overall usage experience on MIUI, and may therefore be a key new feature of the new update.

Advanced privacy options

MIUI has at times faced criticism for serving ads within the interface, which does not inspire a lot of confidence on the privacy front. With MIUI 13, Xiaomi may add new settings and options to optimise and streamline your privacy settings on the device. This would also be in line with the new privacy dashboard that Google premiered with Android 12, and keep in times with the need of the hour.

Easier notifications management

The overall notifications management experience may also improve with MIUI 13. Although not clear how yet, the new version of MIUI may bring the ability for you to adjust your notification alerts based on more customisable factors. The notifications panel itself may bring more options to manage incoming alerts, and this may be further integrated into the slide-down menu and quick settings options on the new MIUI.

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