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Vipr4Android FX – A Perfect Audio MOD for Android | Try this Magisk Module ??

 Vipr4Android FX – A Perfect Audio MOD for Android | Try this Magisk Module ??

Viper4android download allows users to customize the audio output category wise specializing Headset, Phone Speaker, Bluetooth and USB/Dock.

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Viper4Android hits version 2.7 with a new UI, in-app profile management, and more

 Unfortunately, over time, maintenance and development work on the mod slowed down and eventually stopped, prompting others to pick the project up.

Complete changelog:

  • Full rewrite in Kotlin
  • New UI
  • Presets can be managed in the app itself
  • Effects can be set more precisely with seekbars
  • Min API 23
  • Uses driver only
  • Audio routing bug fixed
  • Driver status bug fixed
  • Cross device effect changing bug fixed
  • App follows system dark/light mode (can be toggled with google messages e.g.)
  • Installation is faster and more versatile
  • Notification settings
  • Reduced APK size significantly

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INSTALLATION Tutorial :- [Old]

INSTALLATION Tutorial :- [New]

Download Link :-

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