⚡ FDE.AI ⚡- AI Engine Tweak to Improve Battery Backup | Enhance Gaming Performance & More…?❤️?

 ⚡ FDE.AI ⚡- AI Engine Tweak to Improve Battery Backup | Enhance Gaming Performance & More…?❤️?



What’s in:

FeraDroid Engine (simply FDE) – an All-in-One ultimate optimizer for all devices on Android OS. No settings/customization and rest ‘headache’ – all parameters are individual for EVERY device depending on it’s hardware/software characteristics. All parameters are very balanced – you may gain performance without increase of power consumption AND reduce power consumption without losing performance. FDE is totally compatible with very wide range of devices and Android versions.

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Detailed tech description:

FDE – very universal Android OS optimizer. Very wide-range settings of OS and Linux kernel are configured, still being cross-platform utility, maximally compatible with all devices. This means that it doesn’t have any dirty hacks/hardcore and 3rd part binaries (except busybox) & config files. FDE applies configurations depending on It’s hardware and software, so that in the end every device is configured individually.
New unique method of execution – all required FDE components are loaded directly to RAM and executed from there. System partitions are remounted RW only once while installation. This means high speed (the worst RAM will have at least ~500MB/s of I/O speed), no power consumption (no NAND memory I/O occurs) and security (system partitions are in read-only state). Also new-gen FDE is synced with OS boot process – so tweaks will be applied in correct time. All system partitions are trimmed and checked for errors after every OS boot with FDE onboard. Universal installer automatically detects what ROOT-method you use and how to auto-start. Finally, FDE is not only about optimization. It’s also about security and feature-enabler.

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