BarInsta – Perfect INSTAGRAM Client | See any Profile , Download any Media without Login ??

 BarInsta – Perfect INSTAGRAM Client | See any Profile , Download any Media without Login ??

 If you don’t upload posts or stories on Instagram, but you still have to use it to keep in touch with people and contents, you now have an alternative: Barinsta is a beautiful client that allows you to browse Instagram, while giving you more options to control your data.


* Login NOT NEEDED to browse timeline and face-tagged posts from public profiles, hashtags, and locations.
* View & download posts.
* View & copy comments, captions, & biographies.
* Zoom in on pictures with ease.
* Batch download posts from feeds (Hold & Select).
* Mark profiles as favourite for quicker access.

Additional features for those logged in:

* View & download stories, highlights, and HD avatar.
* Browse feed (posts and stories), discover (by topic), DM, activity/notifications, and private profiles that you have followed.
* Most features you need to view and interact: Like, “save”, write/like/reply to comments, follow/block/restrict, reply to stories, play with stickers, respond to DMs (text & picture), etc.
* View stories anonymously (by default, configurable).
* See your own liked & saved posts.
* Copy DM messages & download attachments.
* Switch between accounts.

Extra merits:

* Prevents irrational decisions: Instagram likes are set-it-forget-it, allowing them to collect more data from you. Barinsta intentionally removes double-tap and requires you to click into posts to give it a like. Barinsta also allows you to easily access posts you’ve liked through your own profile.
* Allows customization: Pick your themes and layouts!
* Allows viewing at your own pace: No need to “hold” a story with your fingers!
* Not a webapp: Absolutely NO browser involved, except for login.
* Not a mod: Absolutely NO dependency of the actual Instagram app.
* We don’t store passwords!
* Request what you want: The app only requests what it needs to show you the content. No communicating with useless endpoints, and only minimal data is sent to Instagram.

*** Please use this app responsibly. ***

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(We’re previously known as InstaGrabber.) 

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New in version 19.0.1

* Resolve F-Droid compliance issues
* Restore anonymous access to hashtags and locations
* Various bug fixes

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