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How to Install & Uninstall Magisk on your Android Device? Root & Un-Root your Device…!!

How to Install & Uninstall Magisk on your Android Device? Root & Un-Root your Device…!!

What is Rooting?

Rooting is basically giving yourself privileges to access features on your phone which either would be blocked by the carrier or the actual provider of the phone. There are a variety of apps, access to which can only be granted if your phone has root permissions. For example, you can download an advanced screen recorder.

What is Magisk?

To the people new to rooting, you are in safe hands! To the people who know rooting, how irritating was it to constantly keep rooting/unrooting your phone in order to get OTA updates! Or the inability to use banking applications on your phone? We totally feel you.

People often look for the root cause, we’ll give you a root solution (quite literally) to every feature you’ve wished for, on your phone!.

Magisk is a systemless rooting system. This basically means that you can modify your phone’s system without making any changes to the core code. Magisk was developed by Topjohnwu and launched in the year 2016, and since then has been widening its horizons with each passing year. Magisk Root is a boon especially when it comes to running the financial applications.

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What is Magisk Manager?

Now that we’ve understood what is Magisk, let’s understand what is Magisk Manager. Very simply put, Magisk Manager is the tool that will help you manage Magisk on your Android device. It will help you in managing the root permissions of your phone and much more.

What is the use of the Magisk Manager?

If you want to grant/deny permission for any application, this can be easily done with the help of Magisk Manager. There are a ton of free modules available on Magisk Manager, from them you can download apps and games to your Android device. And the plus point is, you can add your own or custom repositories to get stuff from.

  • Download Magisk Manager App from below
  • Then, Download the Magisk zip file here: Click here to download
  • Download the zip file in your internal storage. It’s important to remember the location of the zip file.
  • Double-check that you have installed Custom Recovery on your phone, then Reboot your phone into recovery.
  • Click on the Install button in the recovery.
  • Navigate to on your storage
  • Install the zip file on your device and wait till it is getting installed on your device
  • has been successfully installed on your device, click on ‘Reboot System’ and see if it works on your device.

Download Magisk Manager App from here: Click here to download

Install the application by following the procedure that for the Rooted Devices

Congratulations on your new improved optimally functioning phone!

How to Uninstall Magisk

  • Uninstalling Magisk is just as easy as installing it. Let’s take a look at the method.
  • Download the Magisk Uninstaller first from Here and save it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • After that, switch off your phone.
  • Once your phone is switched off, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time to boot your phone into the recovery mode. Then you can click on the install button.
  • Select the Magisk Uninstaller zip file.
  • You will need to slide the slider in left, the installation of the file will get started.
  • Reboot your phone after the installation process is complete.
  • As soon as you hit ‘Reboot System’, Magisk will be uninstalled from your phone. It’s just that simple.

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