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How to Jailbreak your iPhone [ 5s – X ] [ iOS 12.3 – 13.5.1]

How to Jailbreak your iPhone [ 5s – X ] [ iOS 12.3 – 13.5.1]

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch opens up new possibilities in terms of customization and gives you more freedom. Jailbreaking a device is a complex process, but it will help you get more out of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Jailbreaking a device gives you the possibility of installing tweaks of your choice. You can also use a jailbroken device to install apps from IPA files instead of having to download content from the Apple Store.

What is jailbreaking?

First and foremost, let’s take a moment to remember this guide is not a guarantee that you will successfully jailbreak your iPhone or iPod. When dealing with something like a jailbreak, there is always a small chance something could go wrong with your phone, and we cannot be responsible for this.

But, jailbreaking, is extremely easy and you should be perfectly fine.

To jailbreak your iPhone means you are freeing it from the limitations imposed by Apple. Freeing a device means that it can install applications from outside Apple’s iTunes App Store and you can fiddle with previously restricted aspects of an iOS device. Jailbreaking can also help you unlock your iPhone to make it available on other carriers. However, it’s also worth noting that Apple warns against jailbreaking your iPhone or any other iOS device.

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